Foot Care Relax Sheet 30 sheets * 2 set

Foot Care Relax Sheet 30 sheets * 2 set

Price: JPY3,700

Weight: 650g

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Price: JPY3,700


Item Description

Stick it to the night and feel refreshed!

Care feet that worked hard on standing work for a long time. If you stick it to the back of your feet before going to bed, you will be able to have a refreshing morning. After use, the sheet turns brown due to the water supply power of bamboo sap. For those who are concerned about the condition of your skin, blessed with wormwood ingredients in rustling skin.

How to use

Laminate the print side of the natural sap sheet on the sticky side of the fixed pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet.

Please fix and paste the sheet on the sole of the foot and the anxious part. * It is effective when sticking it before good night.

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