3Mol Moisture Lotion / Formulated hyaluronic acid with different sizes of molecular weights

3Mol Moisture Lotion / Formulated hyaluronic acid with different sizes of molecular weights

Price: JPY2,000

Weight: 200g

Gain 100 point added to regular points.

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Item Description

Focusing on the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, luxurious blending of high-quality and safe domestically produced hyaluronic acid
High moisturizing effect is expected than usual one, high combination of three kinds of hyaluronic acid you picked out.
Compounding higher than conventional products!

In the cosmetics industry, it is common sense that the ratio of hyaluronic acid is 0.01%, but our products boast a high blend ratio of 2%, 1% and 0.5%.
Hyaluronic acid raw material + plant-derived moisturizing component

Hyaluronic acid high-blend moisturizing lotion, which is simple but reverses the common sense of cosmetics industry.
Other company's lotion mixes several types of hyaluronic acid raw materials in one lotion, but our lotion carefully selected as hyaluronic acid raw material with different molecular weight, each lotion has effect maximize We manufacture it with a gentle formula derived from plants that can be extracted to the limit.

A skin-friendly "moisturizing" prescription with plant-derived moisturizing ingredients
We carefully selected only materials that are particularly gentle to the skin from plant-derived ingredients.
Sensitive skin-friendly Additive / carefully selected ingredients · Low irritation prescription
No fragrance, no coloring, paraben free, and no petroleum-based active agent. We carefully consider the power of the skin itself and do not blend extra things so that we can do aging care in a simple way. You can use it with peace of mind even with delicate skin.

High quality manufacturing domestically in Japan

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Country of origin JAPAN
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