Venus Lab Thalasso Beaute Cream 200g

Venus Lab Thalasso Beaute Cream 200g

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Weight: 400g

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Hair removing cream with a concept inspired by the blessings of the sea. Sea minerals sea mud · 4 kinds of seaweed extract and plenty of thalasso ingredients.

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Country of origin JAPAN
How to use Apply to the thickness of about 1-3 mm to the extent that the hair becomes invisible to the part of the arms, legs, sidewalls etc that you worry about. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, then gently wipe with gauze, cotton wool, tissue and so on. After that, rinse thoroughly with absorbent cotton wiped off the hair removal part etc, please rinse with water etc. Do not use soap etc. on your skin immediately after hair removal. Also please do not rub with body towels etc.
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