Baby foot Easy pack 30 minutes Type one foot 35ml *2 set /Horny care without shaving

Baby foot Easy pack 30 minutes Type one foot 35ml *2 set /Horny care without shaving

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Price: JPY4,000


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Baby Foot Easy Pack that is easy to use and disposable!
Foot Pack Improvement & Lotion Increase makes it easier to use.
It penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum, it decomposes the adhesive layer between the old and damaged horny layer and the healthy dermis layer to make it easier to peel off, encourages it to fall naturally due to your skin turnover. In addition, 17 types of plant extracts with high moisturizing effect are compounded.

Item Details

How to use 1. Wear a foot pack with your soles clean, such as after a bath. 2. Attach the loose part around the ankle with the attached tape. Please wait for 30 minutes so that the gel inside can fully penetrate the soles. When walking, be careful not to break the footpack. 3. After taking off the foot pack, wash off the gel on the feet with a shower. After use, skin becomes sensitive, so please moisturize with non-alcoholic lotion. (Rinse thoroughly so that no gel remains in the bathroom.)
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