Albion Skin Conditioner Essential facial Mask 12 ml × 8 pieces

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential facial Mask 12 ml × 8 pieces

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Weight: 300g

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Wrap it comfortably, and let it soften up to your heart 's content.
Sheet mask which attracts the attraction of Skicon
It is a medicinal mask that keeps the skin that tends to lose its condition such as the change of the season healthy.
It gives moisture to the skin affected by ultraviolet rays and dry-sensitive skin, actively supports the skin, and it prepares it to beautiful skin.

1. Extract the folded paper mask from the foil bag and gently stretch it. (At that time, please be careful that drops may fall, so please do not get caught in clothes etc.)
2. Fit it from the eyes of the spread paper mask to the shape of the eye and let it fit the whole face while holding down the contour from the top to the bottom. Please adjust with the cut portion on both sides of the chin and the cut portion on the underside of the chin while holding it gently with the palm so that the whole comes into close contact neatly.
3. After about 5 to 10 minutes, peel off.
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