Natural Mineral Powder Facial Foam tube type 88g

Natural Mineral Powder Facial Foam tube type 88g

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Weight: 190g

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It is a special powder called Shirasu in the southern part of Kyushu that focused on as a material. Foam including natural mineral powder born after a long period of about 25,000 years has a strong ability to absorb dirt and rich in skin-friendly minerals.

Its major feature is elasticity enough to bounce when pushed, adsorption bubbles that are so sticky as to suck on your skin. It has the power to adsorb dirt firmly on the foam itself, it can sustain this elasticity while washing the face and wash it firmly without putting a strain on the skin.

"Aloe extract" which has essential work such as moisturizing and is indispensable for slim skin. Moisturizing skin's moisture, skin elasticity component "collagen". A lot of cosmetic ingredients including 22 kinds of amino acids, it leads to the skin moistly "royal jelly extract". Since there are plenty of naturally derived ingredients such as 'green tea extract', 'oolong tea extract' and 'brown sugar' of moisturizing ingredients, you can do a gentle washing on your skin that is not tight.

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