Naiad Ghassoul Solid type 150g

Naiad Ghassoul Solid type 150g

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Weight: 300g

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Item Description

Moroccan born cloudy clay!

It is a clay friendly to skin and can be used as soap, shampoo, bath agent, etc. Dissolve in water or lukewarm water, make it creamy, gently blend in hair, face, whole body, then gently rinse off.

With abundant mineral ingredients, keep the skin moist, adsorb the dirt.

Where can be used:
● Please use like soap, shampoo, lotion.
● Cleaning of hair, face, whole body, makeup remover
● As a lotion after shaving
● As a bath agent

How to use
Make sure to dissolve it in a bowl which contains water or lukewarm water about twice the weight of Ghassoul and keep it for 3 minutes until creamy. If it melts, let it gently blend with your skin and hair and rinse lightly so that the particles fall.

Precautions for use
· Can not be used for a 24 hour circulation bath.
· It does not contain preservatives at all, so please use up as much as you can dissolve in water as soon as possible.

Item Details

Country of origin Clay: Morocco
Remarks If you feel uncomfortable, discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately
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