Pearl extract formulation Utena white skin Clear pack 140g

Pearl extract formulation Utena white skin Clear pack 140g

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Weight: 180g

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佑天兰白肌面膜膏 草本美白保湿水洗面膜140g

Pearl extract and15 Herbal Extract formula packs for dull skin to a bright white skin just by massaging and rinsing for 30 seconds.

It drops the old horny including melanin, and leads to a transparent sense of smooth skin.
No fragrance, mineral oil



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Country of origin JAPAN
How to use After cleansing face, put an appropriate amount on both cheeks and forehead.From inside to outside, massage the entire face for about 30 seconds to draw a small circle, then rinse with water or lukewarm water.※ You can use either morning or night.※ It is a guide of 1 to 2 times a week, but you can use it every day when you are particularly concerned.
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