One Day Brightener Premium SPF 15PA + 120ml

One Day Brightener Premium SPF 15PA + 120ml

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Item Description

Just use white skin! UV cut effect! Skin Care while Correcting Skin Color
Conventional product Evolution type of One Day brightener!
From popular One day Brightener SPF 15 + new product of UV cut effect appears!

● White skin ingredients are further up! More shiny white skin on one paint
● Do not powder off with emulsion type. It is less prone to unevenness and a sense of moisture
● 7 types of plant extract formulation. Also keep moisture on your skin!
● UV cut effect (SPF 15PA +)
● Fragrance of ornate fruity floral

[Skin Care while Correcting Skin Color]
☆ As a makeup base
☆ To color correction of anxious part
☆ Neck and décolleté as well
☆ also on arms and legs

【How to use】
☆ Take the appropriate amount in hand, please spread to the skin without irregularity.
☆ Please wash off with soap etc. when dropping.

Please note that lotions do not stick to clothing and furniture ※.
* Color may change to clothing etc.

Item Details

Country of origin South Korea
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