Pigeon moisturizing body care cream 470g/ For pre-Mom and babies

Pigeon moisturizing body care cream 470g/ For pre-Mom and babies

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Weight: 800g

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Continue to moisturize for 24 hours.

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Country of origin JAPAN
Brand Pigeon
Product description ● Keep moist with care once a day. Moisturizing body care cream for premama, which keeps moisturizing for 24 hours. ● Easy care once a day, such as after bathing. You can clean the area you care about such as your stomach and thigh without massage. ● Since it is a cream containing all triangle components necessary for moisturizing, it is 24-hour moisture caring (24 hour moisturizing). ● Vaseline formulation developed in-house (moisturizing component). ● It is familiar to the skin and has little stickiness, so you can use it comfortably every day. ● Advised by gynecologists and midwives, product development based on the voice of senior mothers. ●No fragrance. ● Uncolored, paraben free, alcohol (ethanol) free, weakly acidic, low irritation. ● You can use it for babies after childbirth. ● A pump bottle that you can use until the end. Since the inner bag built into the bottle shrinks and pushes out the contents, you can use it without leaving it until the end.
How to use Once a day.
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