Horse oil hand & heel cream jar type 150g

Horse oil hand & heel cream jar type 150g

Price: JPY2,500

Weight: 249g

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Item Description

Horse oil has ingredients very close to human skin, it has high permeability to your skin and is excellent in moisturizing power. Also, since it is a natural fat, you are less concerned about side effects, you can use it with confidence.

Item Details

Country of origin JAPAN
Product description To those who are troubled with rough skin of limbs! It is! Blending plenty of moisture such as horse oil. Plenty of moisturizing ingredients ♪ Coenzyme Q 10 · hyaluronic acid · squalane · urea and others.
How to use Protect skin from drying, prevent rough skin, keep moist. It is more effective to use after cleansing and after bathing. It can be used by all family members.
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