KOSE Clear Turn Skin Fluffy Eye/Mouth Zone Mask 32 pairs / 64 sheets

KOSE Clear Turn Skin Fluffy Eye/Mouth Zone Mask 32 pairs / 64 sheets

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Country of origin JAPAN
Brand KOSE
Product description "Clear Turn Skin Fluffy Eye Zone Mask 32 sheets" is a sheet mask for eye and mouth that guides to fine moisture countermeasures against drying and plumps firmly and elasticly. Retinol derivatives (stabilizers) and moisturized charge ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, astaxanthin. Moisture penetrates deep into the stratum corneum with the mask sealing effect. It fills with full of moisture, and leads to the eyes and mouth that have plump elasticity. Weakly acidic · nonfragrance · non-colored · mineral oil free.
How to use ● After washing your face, please use skin lotion then use it ● Open the flap from the OPEN side, take out the mask one by one, open it, put it on your eyes and take it as it is for about 10 minutes. ● You can also use it around mouth. ● Especially when you feel concerned about drying, you can use it both morning and night.
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