Welcome to our store, GOYOKIKI!
All the items of the store are fresh new ones which are sold local Japan and sent directly from Japan.
Before you contact us, please refer to "FAQ", your questions may be resolved.

1. What kind of payment methods do you have?
A: We offer following payment methods.

2. When is the credit card payment due date?
Monthly closing date and payment date will differ depending on the credit company, so please check the card usage guidance or usage statement from credit card companies in detail.

3. Can I use points and other payment methods together?
Yes. The amount that you deducted the number of points of use from the total payment will be the payment amount. Point payment amount will be excluded from points earning.

4. Can I specify a delivery company at the time of delivery?
Sorry, you can not specify delivery companies, we only deliver by EMS.

5. Can I send items to more than two places?
Sorry, only one place of designation is available.

6. Can I change the delivery address after ordering?
Yes. Please contact the order number and new address from the inquiry form immediately after placing an order. You can not change after shipping arrangements are over.

7. How long will the item arrive after placing an order?
After confirming the completion of settlement at our company, we will procure inventory and ship your order item. After confirming the completion of settlement at our website, we will procure inventory and ship your order item. It usually takes about 2 to 3 days to ship, then it takes 4 to 10 days to deliver by EMS.There may be some delays depending on the customs and any other cases at the time of delivery. In addition, we will inform you by "shipping completion mail" when shipping is completed.

We will also inform you of EMS tracking number by e-mail so you can check delivery status at any time.

8. What is the shipping cost for the items I ordered?
Please check Shipping Methods and Fees in following link. http://japanonlinestore.ocnk.com/help

9. I would like to inquire about ordering, where should I contact?
Please contact us by enquiry form, English, Chinese, Korean is available.

10. I want to stop the e-mail magazine.
You can unsubscribe from the following page.

11. I do not receive confirmation mail after ordering.
As soon as your order is received, koko@japanonlinestore.ocnk.com will send you an confirmation email. If you do not receive an confirmation email, there are various possibilities.

1. Is the registered e-mail address incorrectly entered?
→ Open the registration information page and confirm that the mail address is correctly entered.

2. Is it judged as spam mail (junk mail) by your security software or mail software?
→ Please check "Setting automatic mail sorting function" and "Spam folder".

3. Is the capacity of the received mailbox full?
→ Delete unnecessary mail in the mailbox.

12. Can I purchase other items that is not posted on the website?
For items that do not have information on shops, please contact us if you would like us to provide information on the requested items. Please request from the enquiry form.

13. I would like to know the return / exchange / cancellation.
Exchange/Cancellation/Return is not available in case of international shipping services. Depending on environment of computer monitors, such as product images, it may look slightly different from the actual color. If you have any questions or would like to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing.

14. Some of the items ordered, or accessories are not attached. What should I do?
After confirming your order number, product name you ordered and missing accessories, please contact us from enquiry form.

15. A different item arrived. What should I do?
After confirming your order number, the name of the product you received and the name of the item you ordered, please contact us from enquiry form.

16. The item does not arrive.
To use EMS tracking number, you can check the current delivery status. If you are unsure, please contact us from enquiry form.

17. I would like to know the rule of point back rate.
We will issue 500 points at member registration. 1 points issued per 100 JPY for merchandise total.
From second time shopping, you can use the points based on following rule.
Minimum usable point: 1 (Required)
Conversion rate: 1 point = 1JPY (Required)
However, we will not issue points to the purchaser who using points.

18. Is there an expiration date of accumulated points?
The points are valid for 1 years from the date when points are issued or used last.