Foot medi Peeling Spray for Foot 110ml

Foot medi Peeling Spray for Foot 110ml

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Weight: 250g

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Item Description

"Peeling Spray for Foot" realizes foot sole care with a waiting time of 0 minutes!
Sprays that can be used with one hand are blown smoothly and lightly rub it with a hand to lead the slippery feet!
Orange oil, triple AHA * (bilberry fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, sugarcane extract), oolong tea extract, etc. It carefully heals the tick and added plenty of ingredients to make your feet refreshed.
◎ It can be used even in wet condition, you can use it in the bath!
◎ It can be used for knees, shins, thighs and hips, which are worrisome.
Approximately two months use.

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