Skinvill hot cleansing gel N 200g /Hot Feeling makeup remover

Skinvill hot cleansing gel N 200g /Hot Feeling makeup remover

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Weight: 300g

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Item Description

◎ Warming sensation · pore washing
◎ Essential liquid ingredients 99.7% * Ingredients * Contain purified water
◎ W Face Cleansing is no needed

· Anti-pollution function Air particles attached to the skin are also turned off.
Protect skin from invisible air fine particles
* Contains Astelomonas Fermentation Extract
· Adsorbed mineral (hydroxyapatite / adsorbable component) cleanses the pore dirt while protecting the moisture of the skin.
· Hot cleansing tightly draws off the bare skin after scraping out dirt, incorporates hamamelis extract (convergent / moisturizing ingredient).
· 33 types of skin-care supporting ingredients formulated.

· 8 free: tar series pigment, synthetic perfume, mineral oil, silicon, ethanol, paraben, ultraviolet absorbent, phenoxyethanol not used

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