Uka (uka) Nail oil 24: 45 5ml

Uka (uka) Nail oil 24: 45 <Relaxing fragrance> 5ml

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Weight: 50g

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【24: 45】Sweet scented vanilla that makes you happy feelings for the relaxed synonym Lavender. The orange fragrance softly blows out the stress of the day. Elegant and refreshing Wonderful dreams wrapped in such a new scent.Sweet, soft, comfortable feeling is a fragrance spreading deeply. It is also recommended when you want to relax slowly.

Item Details

Country of origin JAPAN
Brand UKA
How to use <How to paint>(1) Cover the nail with a single letter and cover the tip of the bottle with the corollo and a single paint on the root of the nail.(2) Scrape the fingernails of both hands and stretch so that all the fingers are evenly attached to the oil.(3) When your fingers are tired, you can use it as massage oil.
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