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“GOYOKIKI” is a part of Japanese culture. It is a system where clients do not have to visit the shop, but the shop visits them to ask what they currently need, then delivers such kind of products to them at their convenience. The shop does not charge any commission for this action, as this is the Japanese traditional way to show “their appreciation towards the clients for their loyalty”. We adopts this “GOYOKIKI” system for those who are living outside Japan. We ask (“GOYOKIKI”) what kind of Japanese products you need, and deliver them to you.

We receive your order for any product as long as it is made in Japan, such as foods, cosmetic products, and miscellaneous goods. There are many products not available outside Japan and therefore you should visit Japan to obtain them. Even such products, we can supply to you. The more you request, the more products we deal with. Thanks to your needs, our company can develop. This feeling of “appreciation” is also a part of the “GOYOKIKI” culture. We also offer translation service. Multilingual staff who can immediately communicate in English, Chinese, Korean, etc. will support you 365 days a year. Please utilize us as your “GOYOKIKI”.